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Kaer Morhen Forge

A Responsive Multilingual Portfolio Website for a Sword Maker

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    € 1.500

    The Brief

    Artur, from Kaer Morhen Forge, asked me to build his portfolio website showcasing his sword collection. He wanted the site to be responsive, multilingual, with a clean and user-friendly design. He also required a feature that allowed visitors to hit a like button next to each sword, with the system keeping a count and displaying it in the sword description.

    The Case Study (portfolio website)

    Working on this website was very satisfying, since not only I am a historical European martial artist (focused on Liechteneuer’s longsword fencing), but also I am a big fan of The Witcher books and video games (the swords are licensed by CD PROJEKT RED).

    As a blacksmith, Artur isn’t too tech-savvy, so we aimed for a straightforward back-end solution. We all know the potential complexity that can come with WordPress. While it starts out simple, adding more plugins can make it challenging for clients to manage on their own.

    I simplified things by using excerpts as the main descriptions and turning the main descriptions into galleries. I had to modify the child theme’s files a bit. Oh, and I went with the Pure — Free Portfolio WordPress Theme this time. Back in 2019 I had a different approach, I was looking for a specific theme that matched my clients’ needs. Now, I exclusively work with Astra WordPress Theme. It’s the most flexible theme I’ve come across so far.

    Features Artur liked most in his one portfolio website:

    Slick and clean design
    Intuitive back-end management
    “Like the sword” functionality
    5/5 (1 Review)