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A Showcase of Websites I am Proud of

I divided my website portfolio into five different categories, to match different client needs. If you can’t find a category that suits your needs, check out Business Websites — there’s plenty of different examples to pick from.

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I value your time, therefore, below you can go directly to the website you are interested in.

Landing Page Websites

The most basic website type is a landing page. It usually includes the most relevant details about your products, services, projects, etc. You can find selected landing pages developed by me below:

A Responsive Landing Page for Mercedes-Benz Car Dealer
A Mobile-Friendly, Simple Landing Page for a Book Author
A Mobile Friendly Landing Page for Mercedes-Benz Sosnowiec

One Page Websites

One-page websites are superior to landing pages in terms of amount of content they can convey. You can feature more products, elaborate on various services, provide information about yourself and your company, add a contact form, Google map location, and more. As long as your content is displayed withing a single URL, it falls under the category of a one-page website.

A Responsive One Page Portfolio Website for a Media Agency
A Responsive Multilingual One Page WordPress Website for Smart Cities Remote Management
A Responsive, Multilingual, Business One Page Website for a Grain Broker

Business Websites

This is the most extensive category, as a business website can take various forms. It’s the ideal choice if you aim to present your services in detail. While the most basic business websites may consist of up to five sub-pages, there is no upper limit of how much content you would like to include.

WordPress Multilingual Mobile Friendly Business Website for an Artist
A WordPress Multilingual Responsive Business Website for a Production Company
A Responsive, Multilingual Business Website for a Law Firm

eCommerce Websites

If you’re ready to take your products or services online, all you need is a powerful e‑commerce platform. For WordPress it’s a WooCommerce plugin, which extends its standard functionality far beyond a blogging CMS, turning it into a robust e‑commerce system. With hundreds of extensions I can customise your e‑commerce website to perfectly suit your needs.

A Mobile Friendly WooCommerce Website for a Handcrafted Liquor Brand
A Responsive, WooCommerce Website for a Cat Scratcher Manufacturer

Portfolio Websites

If you aim to showcase your offer, but don’t necessarily need an online store, a portfolio website is exactly what you need. It is more than a gallery, using WordPress taxonomies, I can create a customised categorisation for your products and provide detailed descriptions for better SEO.

A Responsive, Multilingual, Portfolio Website for a Sword Maker

Reach Out Anytime

Determining your needs when choosing a website can be difficult sometimes. Feel free to contact me if you need some guidance. It won’t cost you anything. 

Typically I answer withing a few hours, however keep in mind that I’m based in Europe (GMT + 01:00), so there might be a slight delay depending on your time zone.

Your inquiries are important, and I’m here to assist you every step of the way.

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