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Kancelaria Prawna Lebek & Wspólnicy

A Responsive Multilingual Business Website for a Law Firm

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    € 1.500

    The Brief

    The client’s request was clear: she needed an elegant, multilingual business website with animated elements and the ability to periodically add legal tips in the form of a blog. Their primary focus was on a professional representation of the company. She also provided me with a selection of reference websites, presenting a clear visual guide for the aesthetic direction to follow.

    The Case Study (business website)

    I was provided with photos to use as backgrounds and the complete text for specific sub-pages in one language to create a preview website.

    I approached the project by starting from the end. Typically, I design the homepage as one of the last pages, as it often serves as a summary of the entire website. However, this time, the client requested that the homepage consisted only of their slogan and a single paragraph of text. Taking it a step further, I also included the latest blog posts on the homepage, which turned out to be a successful decision, as the client was very pleased with it (at the moment the blog is hidden and the only way to reach it is via search engines).

    It turned out that me and the client had similar taste and further designing went smoothly, with minor changes pointed out. Before I wrapped up the Polish version, I already had the English translation in hand. This streamlined my workflow, and I managed to complete the entire website within just 6 weeks.

    As the last step, I’ve created several tutorial videos (with my commentary) on how to modify the website’s content and manage their legal blog section.

    Features she liked most in her business website:

    Tilted dividers between sections of the website
    Footer sliding from beneath the main content
    Minimalist hamburger menu
    5/5 (1 Review)