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thumb responsive business wordpress website for a production company


A WordPress Multilingual Responsive Business Website for a Production Company

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    The Brief

    One of the marketing agencies I cooperate with introduced me to the client. I was designated as the coordinator between the graphic designer, the agency and the client’s representative. The primary goal was to revitalise their existing website and enrich its content, aiming to guide visitors through every stage of the production process — from conceptualisation to the final product.

    The Case Study (responsive business website)

    It is invaluable for the website developer to have insight into the graphic design before it is presented to the client. In this instance, such foresight proved crucial. I’ve encountered designs that disregard responsive web design (RWD) principles too often. Many are crafted solely for desktop views, forcing the developer to wear the designer hat for mobile and tablet breakpoints.

    The graphic design phase extended over three months due to the frequently introduced changes to the concept, which lead to redesigning of the core elements of the project. Fortunately, when the client took direct control after parting ways with their representative, the process streamlined. Collaborating with a copywriter, we adapted the project to accommodate new content in about a month.

    In conclusion, cooperation may not always be seamless, however it is never impossible to transform a challenging start into a well structured, search engine optimised and responsive business website.

    Features Gieros® liked most in their responsive business website:

    Well-structured design guiding visitors through the entire production process
    Effective search engine optimisation (SEO) targeting the top twenty relevant phrases
    Intuitive section menu for swift navigation across sub-pages within specific sections
    5/5 (1 Review)