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A Responsive WooCommerce Website for a Cat Scratcher Manufacturer

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    € 1.500

    The Brief

    A representative of Kotpak® contacted the agency I collaborate with to build an e‑commerce website from scratch. They wanted to move away from Shoplo and run their online store independently. I also received a reference website to know the client’s taste.

    Additionally, the client requested integrating WooCommerce with BaseLinker, so they could manage orders from several different e‑commerce platforms in one place.

    The Case Study (woocommerce website)

    This was one of these implementations I enjoy most. I received precise information of my client’s needs, so I got down to business with confidence. The very first page I designed, was a product template. The client accepted it without any corrections. This template defined the aesthetics of the rest of the website, so now my task was to maintain it while creating all the other pages, blog posts and categories.

    The only corrections I had to make concerned the home page, which was — according to the client — dull. I redesigned it using tilted backgrounds with photos provided by the client (earlier I didn’t have access to them, so I had to work on product photos, hence the dullness).

    The reference website had a wishlist feature, so I also had to implement it here. I chose a free plugin named Addonify — WooCommerce Wishlist which was fairly easy to set up. All I had to do was making some style adjustments to match the design.

    After migrating the website from production to live environment I integrated WooCommerce with BaseLinker, which took me less than an hour.

    Features Kotpak® liked most in their WooCommerce website:

    Slick and elegant design
    Good SEO for phrases chosen by the client
    BaseLinker integration
    5/5 (2 Reviews)