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A Responsive Multilingual Business One Page Website for a Grain Broker

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    The Brief

    An international grain broker contacted me directly asking to redesign his old business website I originally developed back in 2015. We’ve had a good history working together, so I had the creative freedom to bring some fresh ideas to the table.

    Furthermore, the client had a specific goal in mind: to trim about 20% of the content from the old website, focusing on the core aspects of his business.

    The Case Study (one page website)

    I usually prefer to work with content-rich websites, where content plays the central role in the design. However, in this particular case, I had to roll up my sleeves and get to work, despite the limited content available.

    I decided to go for a one-page website that would serve as an online business card. The client mentioned earlier that SEO wasn’t a top priority, as most visitors were looking specifically for contact information. Otherwise, I would have recommended adding more content and opting for a multi-page site for better search engine indexing.

    I chose a grain theme that directly reflected the brand’s name. You can find fields of grain, warm golden hues, and wheat ears in almost every section of the website, including the favicon.

    The client didn’t have any comments about the preview website I showed him (which is always uncommon) and mentioned that he had confidence in my approach.

    All in all, he loved it and stated that we’ll be most certainly cooperate in the future with his upcoming endeavours.

    Features Graintrade® liked most in his one page website:

    One page design, with concise content
    Consistent grain motif throughout the website
    Engaging animated effects
    5/5 (1 Review)